Cleaning up water damage in your home? Follow these tips

Water damage does not take much time to turn into a flood disaster. You must have to know some tips to rectify the damage at your home in order to save many lives. These can be small but effective to ensure any further loss.

Have you come across a water damage with no professional around? Probably, it is the worst situation to handle if you don’t know how to clean the water damage. The utmost duty is to assess the volume of water, region of damage and level of damage. There are three types of water and damage is handled according to them. Clean water emerges from the leaking rain pipes and fit for human consumption. Grey water is observed after toilet and dishwashing pipe damage and has certain soft chemicals. Black water is most hazardous having toxic chemicals and pathogens, as a result of sewer leaks. In the era of pandemic, companies providing water cleanup services in Dublin, OH are giving online sessions on repairing water damage on your own. Here are some tips required to be learnt and practiced:

How to Clean Up Water Damage:


The time you have encountered water damage, your first step is to unplug all the appliances. It is the most common practice among people of not unplugging the electronics, resulting in electric shocks and explosions in severe cases. Electric shocks occur as our body having blood is a strong buffer and electric conductor. So, move your family especially kids from the place of water leak as water can seep though the windows and walls to create more mess.


Move your belongings to a safe place. Water damage from the roofs often lead to the roof-fall causing destruction to your belongings. Other than that, your stuff can be spoiled after getting excessively wet from water leading to financial loss.


Before following the cleanup steps, make sure that your area of damage is repaired efficiently and any other gush of water doesn’t cause the area to damage again, causing more destruction than before. It should be kept in mind that continuous flow of water from roof can cause the roof to fall down, creating havoc.


Molds are the fungi and algae that can take less than 24hours to grow and spoil your possessions. These can be extremely toxic if contacted or breathed in. A mold can cause skin allergies, infections and respiratory disorders. It is also a risk factor for asthmatic patients disturbing their lungs. In case you are late to save your things from it, wear a PPE kit and let your things dry out completely. Use bloating papers for quick dry and provide sun contact.


As discussed above, molds can grow at higher pace so it is mandatory to dry the area out. Dehumidifiers and air blowers are used for this purpose. You can purchase an air blower for emergency to rent out dehumidifiers. They are destined to remove excess humidity from your atmosphere, making quality of air better and drying excess water. Flood damage cleanup company provides high-powered dehumidifiers and air blowers for effectual dry-up.


Most of the homes are fully carpeted or beautiful and costly rugs are furnished in home to make it look elegant. But have you ever imagined those rugs having awful smell and faded colors? This is what happens to the carpets after having contact with grey or black water. So, the utmost priority should be the removal or translocation of carpets. In case, if your carpets or rugs are soaked in water, dry them in sunlight or send them to carpet cleaning company for their services. These steps should be taken in the blink of an eye as we know that molds will not wait to grow.


Hence, water cleanup after damage is not much difficult if we follow the steps and show our present mindedness. Though company services are better to take but one should also learn to perform it in case of emergency and specifically in the time of pandemic, where it is not at all safe to let any outsider enters your house.


Can you fix water damage on wood? 

Definitely Yes! You can fix damage on wood by following some easy phases: Remove rotten wood. Fill holes with hardening material. You can use sand for a good finish. Priming and painting is effective step and perform inspection after every few months to observe growth of termite or mold.

What soaks up water quickly?

There is multiple number of equipment that soak water quickly. Firstly, it depends on the amount of water to be absorbed and the covered area. Secondly, if it is clean water or solution of impurities as well. Thick towels, dehumidifiers and vacuum pumps are the best water soaking equipment. Thick towels can leave some moisture which can be dried by using box fans.

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