24- Hour Emergency Water Extraction.

Flooding can cause major damage to homes. When carpet is involved in the flooded area, it can be unhealthy. Flood water is typically unsanitary and can leave bacteria in carpeted areas. Mold and fungus will also grow in the carpet if it isn’t properly cleaned. Ripping wet carpet out can be both time consuming and a waste of money. Replacing carpet can get expensive. Instead of ripping it out, use our quality water extraction service. We will use industrial grade dehumidifiers and drying equipment in order to prevent your floors and walls from warping.

With our high speed air movers, air will be circulated around the room in order to evaporate all moisture in the area. In order to ensure that everything is dry, moisture detectors and meters are used. An infrared camera may be used as well in order to find all water spots. For high levels of water from flooding, submersible pumps are used. Once the area is dry, deodorization and disinfection products are used in order to keep the area fresh and sanitary.