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You have accepted the fact that professional carpet cleaners have the equipment and complete experience to do a better and faster job. Though carpet cleaners do most of the hard part. There are few tips you can do before professionals come to your door. It may seem extra work to you but it guarantees the quality clean will be long lasted. This will save you dollars by minimizing the time cleaners spend. Here are some things you can do before carpet cleaners arrive:


Vacuuming high traffic areas before your carpet cleaners appear will help you to save time by cleaning debris and dust from the carpet. Removing debris and dirt before steam cleaning helps the professionals to focus on the deep-down dirt.

Vacuuming is one of the simplest things you can do for your carpet cleaners and it will make a big impact. By removing extra dirt on the carpet helps professional cleaners to reach soiled in the dirt underneath. It also prevents the dirt from falling back onto the carpet.

Sweep the Area:

This doesn’t need to be in depth cleaning. You are hiring best cleaning services for this job. But quick sweep to remove loose dust or dropped pieces of food will simplify the process for professionals. 

Relocate Lighter Furniture:

Things go smooth if you relocate small pieces of furniture. Hard to lifted pieces of furniture can stay on the carpet but lighter furniture should be replaced in another area of the home until the carpet is clean and dry. Simply clearing the area by removing small tables, chairs and floor lamps can increase the visibility of professionals to give your carpet the clean thorough clean it needs. With the furniture moved out of the way, you will have a better opportunity to clear the place that has been missed in regular cleaning. 

Relocate Fragile Items:

Best carpet cleaning company like King of Kings Carpet Cleaning work carefully but accidents do happen. If you have an antique collection, table lamps or any special thing don’t take a chance that it accidentally be knocked during carpet cleaning. If you have valuables that are heavy to lift, make sure to inform your carpet cleaner so they can use extra caution while cleaning.

Clear The Floor:

If you have kids probably there would be toys all over your floor. Pick everything from the carpet so the professional carpet cleaners can easily focus on their job without wasting their time.

Secure Your Pets:

It’s a great idea to put your pets in a room or into the garden, so the cleaners aren’t disturbed. It is difficult for professionals to do their work when pets are around as they can make the carpet dirty again when it is wet. Keep them away from cleaners and their equipment as they may be frightened from noise or sensitive to chemicals used for cleaning.  

Hang Up Your Curtains:

If you have floor length curtains or draperies make sure to tie them up. This prevents them for contacting the damp carpet while cleaning. 

Other details:

  • While you wait for carpet cleaners to come make a list of problem areas on your carpet.
  • Tell your cleaners about the area where you have concerns. If there is any spot that is prone to food falling or high foot traffic tell cleaners to pay more attention to these spots.
  • Talk to professionals, how long the cleaning process will take place. Don’t disturb cleaners while they are cleaning.
  • When the carpet cleaning is over, the carpet will be wet for a while. Make sure your room is empty so no one step on wet carpet and make it dirty again. Open your doors and windows to speed up the drying process.  

Free Up Parking:

Carpet cleaners need to park close to your front door, so it is easiest for them to use their equipment. Most cleaning companies use truck-mounted equipment that’s why they need a parking slot close to your front door. It is essential to keep your driveway or sidewalk free from cars or other vehicles, so they don’t have to face any obstacle while parking.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. If you want deep carpet cleaning, it requires specialized equipment and the best carpet cleaning service. By hiring professionals, you can sit back and enjoy. Cleaning carpet is not only good for getting rid of unpleasant spots, but it is also a fantastic way to improve the smell of your home. Carpet cleaners often use cleansers to add aromas to your carpet and to make them germ-free. All you have to do is to consider taking few moments to prepare your place before professional carpet cleaners appear.  

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