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Why Should I Choose King of Kings Carpet Cleaning?

Here Are


Reasons You’ll Love Our Services

  1. Experience.  We are owner operators of the King of Kings Carpet Cleaning and bring over 18 years experience in caring for fine carpet and fabrics in Columbus, Ohio.  You’ll get someone caring for your home that is experienced in all fabric types and all soiling conditions.  This insures that no matter what your situation is, we will be familiar with it.
  1. Education.  We are certified by the IICRC (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification.)  We have invested thousands of dollars for specialized training in proper care and cleaning of rugs and other fine fabrics.  From our involvement with the rug care industry, we have become networked with other Carpet Care Specialists around the world.  This brings a wealth of knowledge to the care and cleaning of your home’s carpet.
  1. Reputation.  Our reputation is golden.  We are referred exclusively by many of the area’s best dry cleaners, realtors, retailers and also by several local carpet cleaning companies who are unable to clean rugs that need extra attention.  Call us if you would like references.
  1. Systems.  Our cleaning systems are proven to be the best at removing more soil without causing damage to fine fabrics.  We are proficient with all approved cleaning methods.  Hot water extraction is the one most recommended by the world’s largest carpet manufactures.   Often, we will combine several methods to achieve the results we are looking for.
  1. Guarantee.  Your carpet, upholstery and tile flooring will be thoroughly inspected for problems and concerns prior to cleaning.  Once the expected results are determined and the cleaning is completed, we will inspect the areas again to ensure “The Most Thorough Cleaning” was performed.  If the expected results you and I are looking for are not achieved, we re-clean it!

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