Quality Air Duct Cleaning – Columbus, OH.

Due to the fact that the air flow in your duct work contributes to your overall air quality and energy expenses, it’s important to have it cleaned from time to time. In fact, it’s recommended to have this procedure done by a professional once every three to five years. To understand the importance of our quality air duct cleaning services, let’s talk about some of the specific benefits you should experience.

Probably the biggest advantage is the money you can expect to save on energy bills. When ducts accumulate dirt and debris, these things inevitably clog your ducts. The amount of airflow is reduced and your heating and cooling / HVAC unit is forced to work extra hard. Also, when your return air vents are dirty, if you are not using a good HEPA filter, the smaller particles can pass through the filter causing your furnace to work harder.

This is detrimental because it means that your energy bills will rise. *Fortunately, having your ducts professionally cleaned will greatly reduce the amount of dirt and debris and improve the functioning of your unit. As a result, you should be able to cut back your energy bills considerably.

Another benefit is the improved level of air quality you will have in your home or business. Since your duct work will transport air into each room, you can end up inhaling harmful allergens and bacteria that can wreak havoc on your health. This can be especially bad if you happen to suffer from allergies. *Fortunately, an air duct cleaning will cut back on the amount of allergens you inhale. This means that you can breathe better and should be less susceptible to becoming ill from air borne pathogens.