New Carpet Sales and Installation – Columbus, OH.

Older, outdated carpet can have a significant, negative impact on the overall look of your home. Carpet that was once thick, plush and gorgeous eventually will wear out. It will show signs of regular tread, and it may even be frayed or torn in certain areas. Regularly cleaning your carpet can extend its useful life, but over time, all carpet will need to be replaced. We offer a wide range of carpet options and can assist in you getting the highest quality carpet possible within your budget. The price of carpeting will vary significantly based on the quality, thickness and overall durability of the carpet.

Some carpeting is designed to last only a year or two in your home while other carpet is designed to last for up to ten years or longer. Our skilled carpeting experts can assist you in finding carpet that will look great in your home, that meets your requirements for durability and that will look great in your home. We will measure your space to provide you with a firm cost estimate before the installation service is performed. This will help you to avoid unexpected or surprise expenses.