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Your carpet gets a lot of stress. It’s walked on every day and often suffers from cigarette burns, damage caused by pets, stains, and bulging. Don’t replace your carpet because of these minor problems. Let our professionals repair or stretch your carpet today. If your carpet has suffered from cigarette burns, pet scratches, or delamination, these spots can be repaired. In most cases, the place of damage can be cut out and replaced with a matching piece of carpet. Humidity in the home can cause ugly bulges in the carpet.

These bulges can also be dangerous. People can trip over the bulges in the carpet and hurt themselves. In these cases, the carpet can be stretched. By stretching the existing carpet, wrinkles and bulges will be evened out. Once the carpet is stretched, it can be tacked back down properly. Carpet stretching should be done by a professional. If it’s performed by someone who is inexperienced, greater damage can be caused to the carpet. If this happens, the carpet may need to be replaced.