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Carpet and furniture can be very difficult to keep clean. No matter how many times you clean it, the stains just keep returning. With our carpet and fabric protection service, you can worry less about dirt and stains.

In high traffic areas, dirt and grime can get stomped into carper over and over again. Dirt and grime can also be squashed into furniture from clothing and animals. Spills occur on both furniture and carpet causing stains to set in. Cleaning takes care of the dirt and stains but not for long.

It can be irritating to have your carpet and furniture cleaned only to see stains the very next day. With Maxim Advanced, the best carpet protection product, you can go longer without having to worry about dirt and stains. Our protectant provides an invisible barrier around fabric and carpet fibers. When dirt or liquid is spilled onto the fabric and carpet, it isn’t allowed to soak into the material. Instead, it pools on top of the fabric and carpet in order to prevent staining.