Quality Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing – Columbus, OH

Tile & Grout Cleaning Columbus, OHBathrooms are heavily trafficked, and this can lead to dirty floors that ruin the looks of a home. In addition, mold and mildew often grow on the grout that is found in tile floors, and professional cleaners are the proactive way to ensure a great looking bath. Grout is commonly used with porcelain, ceramic and natural stone materials. The grout forms a bond between individual tiles, and over time, the finished surface tends to get dirty. Ideally, grout should be sealed, but this protection does not last forever. Choosing our tile and grout cleaning services is the affordable way to ensure a bathroom looks great.

Columbus Tile & Grout CleaningOur residential tile and grout cleaning services are the economical way to ensure bathrooms look as good as possible. Grout is usually a sandy material that is found between individual tiles in a bathroom. The product comes in a range of colors, and over time, it usually takes on a darker colored appearance. The discoloration is the result of dirt, mold and mildew that make their home in the surface. Our services make use of the latest technology to remove the discoloration and reseal the finished surface. Because bathrooms are so heavily trafficked, grout usually begins to lose its original color in a few years. Regular cleaning is essential, and our services remove any dirt and ensure that the finished surface is sealed. Sealants are essential and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Bathroom floors are usually wet, and the humid conditions are the perfect environment for mold growth.