Removing Pet Stains Columbus, Ohio

Removing Pet Stains

Pet Stain and Pet Stain Odor Removal

Oops! Is that a wet spot on the floor? If your pet had an accident in the house there are certain steps you need to follow to prevent pet stain odors from setting in. And if you’re dealing with an old stain, removing pet stain odors can be the difference between using and not using a room in your home.  More and more I am seeing pet stains in Columbus, Ohio.  We have been cleaning for 19 years and with each passing year, we’re seeing homeowners with more of these challenges.

Pet Stains: What NOT to Do

Classic treatments for pet stains are ammonia and vinegar. Ammonia and vinegar don’t actually remove the odors; in fact they can work to permanently set the proteins in the urine into the carpet fibers. Once the proteins are set, your pet will be able to detect them and use this same area over and over again.

Immediately Blot a Fresh Stain

When you discover the pet stain, begin to blot the affected area to soak up as much urine as possible. For carpets, we recommend using paper towels and having the heaviest person in the house stand on the paper towel as many times as possible until urine no longer absorbs into the towel.  If you have a small shop-vac, this works even better.  Vacuum up as much of the fresh urine as possible and then blot it up.  This keeps the urine from being pushed down into the fibers and carpet backing.

Use an Enzymatic Cleaner

The only true way to eliminate the pet stain odor for good is to use an enzymatic cleaner. The proteins in animal urine are extremely strong and can create odors for years to come, even once the stain is removed. You should purchase an enzymatic cleaner specifically designed for pet urine, follow the directions explicitly. You need to completely douse the area, ensuring that there’s enough cleaner down to cover both the carpet and any underlying padding.

Pet Stain Removal Tips

Still Have Lingering Odors? Use a Black Light. Completely darken the room and then wave the black light 12inches over the flooring. The black light will illuminate pet stains, allowing you to know where else you need to treat with the enzymatic cleaner.

Cat Urine Stain Removal

Cat urine is particularly difficult to treat (as well as being extremely odorous). The proteins are extremely strong, and actually take 2-3 weeks to completely remove. There are enzymatic cleaners designed specifically for cat urine. While these cleaners are working, it’s important to keep the cat away from the affected area or the cat will simply urinate again on top of the area and ruin your cleaning efforts.

To keep the cat away, place aluminum foil over the affected area and weight it down. Cats in general dislike the sound of aluminum foil beneath their paws, and therefore won’t want to urinate in this area. You may need to keep the foil there for 1-2 months to permanently train the cat to avoid this area.

Pet Stain Removers

If all else fails, try Kilz. If you’re dealing with an old pet stain or one that covers large portions of the flooring, you may not be able to salvage the flooring. If you decide to remove and replace the flooring, you need to treat the sub-flooring to prevent odors from coming back. The best way to do this is to paint the sub-flooring with oil-based Kilz (the water-based version isn’t strong enough for pet odors). This will effectively lock away the odor for good so that you’re free to enjoy your new flooring for years to come.

Train to Avoid Future Accidents

Once your pet has had an accident in an area that displeases you, it’s important to work with the animal to avoid future repeat performances. There are many books available on positive reinforcement to train the animal. By taking the time to train the animal, you’re eliminating the time it will take you in the future to clean recurring accidents.

Pet stain odors can have an extremely negative effect on the enjoyment of your home. And while they may be difficult to remove, it’s possible to do so with the proper cleaners and patience. Your nose will thank you for the time that you spend doing so.

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