Is Your Home Cleaner Doing More Harm Than Good?

Wood Floor Care – Is Your Home Cleaner Doing More Harm Than Good?


A homeowner insists that her cleaning service use a particular product on her wood floor and to use it in a different way than is recommended by the manufacturer.  Is this a smart thing for the cleaning service to do?  What if you end up damaging the wood?


House cleaning business owners in Columbus, Ohio and around the nation are often unsure of what products to use on wood floors in homes and many are using products or procedures that are actually doing more harm than good. And keep in mind that homeowner doesn’t necessarily know what’s best for their wood floors either.


One thing that many people seem to forget is that some wood care products have been created for wood furniture, but not wood floors. Yet some people insist on using them for this purpose anyway. Usually what happens in this case is the floor becomes very slippery, which can put the cleaning business at risk for a liability lawsuit. In the short term the floor may look great, but products that are not designed for wood floor cleaning will start to build up on the finish and eventually the floor may look hazy or dirty. The only way to fix this is to have a professional wood floor care technician from King of Kings Carpet Cleaning to come in to strip off the finish and re-apply new finish.


You can also do more harm than good when you use a product on a finished wood floor that does not have a neutral pH. Products like vinegar, which is an acid, can harm the finish on the floor over time.


Another important thing to remember is that when you are cleaning a wood floor, you are not actually cleaning the wood – you are cleaning the Finish that has been applied to the wood. So it’s a good idea to know what type of finish is on the floor. If it’s a urethane finish, then you should be using a product designed to clean urethane floor finish. If you can’t get this information from the homeowner, then use a wood floor care product that has a neutral pH.


If your customer still insists that you use a product that you believe may harm the floor, then have that customer sign a disclaimer that states you will not be responsible for any damage that occurs to the floor since you have advised the customer against using such product.


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