Carpet Buying Tips Columbus, Ohio

Carpet Buying Tips Columbus, Ohio


Selecting and buying carpet can be difficult, especially if you’ve never had to purchase carpet before.  Questions like, “Where should I go to purchase my carpet?”  “What type of carpet should I purchase?”  “How much should I expect to pay for carpet?”

We will deal with these questions and many more in this blog post.  And hopefully, you’ll be well informed when you are ready to purchase.

One of the main things that cannot be over stressed, is knowing what your personal goals are and what your budget is for your carpet purchase project.  If you don’t know, it could make your decision process a little more difficult than it should be.

Here are a few things to consider before going to a carpet retail store in Columbus, Ohio;

1.  What color are your walls and how do you want to match your carpet to your walls, or will you be painting prior to purchasing your carpet?

2.  How many people (and pets) are in your home? The amount of foot traffic is extremely important as to the type, weight, and warranty specifications of your carpet.  A two person family may not need a carpet that has a higher traffic wear capability as a family of, say, five people.

3.  Carpet padding is very important as well. A better carpet pad, will help your carpet to last much longer by helping to resist fiber matting.  Note: always buy new pad with new carpet!  Using an old, existing pad could void your carpet’s warranty.  Also, if you anticipate spills on your new carpet or have pets that occasionally have “accidents”, purchasing a pad that has a spill guard barrier will help to keep the moister from going down into the pad and continually wicking back up to the fibers after you clean up any accidents.

4.  Logistics: How much furniture needs to be moved in the areas that you’ll be installing your new carpet and how much of that will you be moving yourself? If you have heavy furnishing that is too difficult for you to move yourself, talk with your installer about them possibly moving and re-setting it for you and expect to be charged a reasonable fee for your installer doing so.  An installer’s job is difficult as it is and expecting them to move and re-set furniture for free is not a realistic expectation.

These are some of the things you should consider before going to the store to pick out your carpet.  Now, we will deal with some things you should consider asking your retailer when purchasing your carpet investment.  Notice I said investment.  Carpet is one of the biggest investments that you’ll make for your home and it should be treated as such in order to get the maximum return on that investment.


  1. Any good retailer should be willing to consult with you and listen to you based upon the things listed above. What type of carpet, style, color thickness, should you choose based upon your household needs.

A) Color: Where is the carpet being installed? Will it be installed in a room with a lot of direct sunlight? Will the carpet match up with the long term color schemes that you have envisioned?  Will the carpet be installed in a high traffic / high wear pattern area?

B) Style: Will this carpet be a patterned carpet. Will it be a loop carpet or cut pile carpet. (This is important if you have pets and a potential for ‘snags’ to happen with the carpet). Will a nylon, polyester of natural fiber work best for the areas that you desire to have installed.

C) Carpet weight/density: If you have a lot of foot traffic, you definitely should consider a heavier weight carpet that can stand up to that traffic without the carpet fibers being crushed or matted.


  1. Ask about the specifics of the manufacturer’s warranty and to receive an actual copy of that warranty and the proper procedures you would need to take should you ever have a claim. You should know how long the warranty is for, the wear warranty, retention warranty, spot warranty etc.  You should also be aware of your responsibilities so that you do not void your manufactures warranty.  Such as, how often your carpet is expected to be professionally cleaned, spot and spill procedures and types of acceptable cleaning agents to be used on your carpet.


  1. The retailer should be able to tell you who the installer is that will be installing your carpet, what certification he has, (you will void your manufacture warranty if he is not certified by a recognizable industry institution). What type of warranty (should be written) is offered for the installation of your carpet?  If the carpet needs to be re-stretched or a seam needs to be repaired or the stair staples are coming loose, will you have problems getting the same installer to come out and fix what was improperly done during the initial installation?  When whoever comes out to measure for the installation, make sure that you discus with them seam placement and be sure that it is in the best possible position (low traffic area).  Note: If you are having a large room being installed, make sure that you request the installer to ‘power stretch’ your carpet and not just knee kick it.  And if you live in an area of the country where it gets pretty cold, like here in Columbus, Ohio, and the weather on the day of your install is cold, ask the installer if he will allow 24hrs for the carpet to get acclimated in your home prior to stretching the carpet.  Your home temperature should be no less than 72 degrees during this period.  This ensures that the carpet is nice and warm and will get the best possible stretch to eliminate buckling later.


There you have it.  This should get you well on your way when considering buying carpet and having it installed.


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