The Best Vacuuming Techniques

The Best Carpet Vacuuming Techniques Almost everyone knows that carpet vacuuming is the best solution to prolong the life of a carpet. Nonetheless, these same people do not know how to go about the vacuuming process. The vacuuming process does not have to be done on a daily basis but, whenever you do it, you […] Read more »

How To Remove a Coffee Stain From Your Carpet

On this blog, I want to change up a little bit and add a “how to” video on how to remove coffee stains from your carpet. As always, if you need further assistance on coffee stain removal in Columbus, Ohio, you can always call us or visit our website. Once again, we hope that you […] Read more »


5 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CLEAN, HEALTHY AIR If you are thinking about having your air ducts cleaned and live in Columbus, Ohio, I encourage you to follow these five recommendations for clean, healthy indoor air Recommendation #1: Make a commitment to yourself to get your air ducts cleaned. The longer you wait, the longer you expose […] Read more »

7 Reasons Why Fall Is a Great Time to Clean Your Wood Floors

7 Reasons Why Fall Is a Great Time to Clean Your Wood Floors Wood floors, just like any other flooring requires proper daily maintenance and regularly scheduled professional cleanings. In most areas of the country, kids are going back to school and out of the house and it may be a great time to get […] Read more »

Why Does Those Spots Return After The Carpet Has Been Cleaned?

Why Does Those Spots Return After The Carpet Has Been Cleaned? I’ve been asked this question many a times over. Homeowners are frustrated that the carpets they just had cleaned a week or maybe two weeks ago, looks as if they haven’t been cleaned at all. Whether the homeowner has cleaned the carpets themselves or they’ve […] Read more »

A Sight For Sore Eyes? Water and Wood Floors…

As the winter snow has melted, warmer temperatures comes and spring is trying desperately to arrive here in the Midwest, that means one thing…rain has arrived!  Water is definitely not a wood floors best friend.  It’s bad enough that would floors have had to endure the winter snow being dragged in from our boots, but […] Read more »

Staying Healthy During the Cold and Flu Season

Germ Warfare Don’t Let Those Nasty Germs “Get You”   Are we hapless victims of any and all germs, lurking around every corner, waiting to pounce on us and make us sick?   Scientists have proven that people who take a more pro-active approach to their health actually have stronger immune systems.  One person exposed […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning Columbus, Ohio

Cleaning Up Candle Wax on Your Carpet in 3 Steps Step 1. The most important thing to remember when dealing with candle wax on your carpet  is not to attempt removing it while it is still wet. Doing this will only cause it to spread to other areas of the carpet and will not achieve anything. The […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning Columbus, Ohio

Six Consumer Myths About Carpet Cleaning: Part II On the last post we talked about the first three myths that most consumers have when it comes to carpet cleaning.  As always, our aim is to help inform and to educate consumers on the importance of maintaining a healthy living environment or work environment for that […] Read more »