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Several times per week I receive an inquiry about air duct cleaning.  With the fall season fast approaching, many homeowners look to have their air ducts professionally cleaned.  In this blog post I’d like to equip those that read it with an arsenal of information to help them make an informed and intelligent decision when considering hiring someone to come out and clean the air duct system.


MISTAKE # 1: Choosing an air duct cleaner based on equipment alone. No question, your air duct cleaner needs first-rate equipment. But he also needs something else. He needs employees who are skilled at operating that equipment. Many companies own the right tools, but very few companies teach their employees how to use them properly.

MISTAKE # 2: Choosing an air duct cleaner based on low price. Low price could be a problem in three ways:

(1) Low price can be the bait that attracts your phone call. But once the cleaner gets into your home, he pressures you into a much more expensive job.

(2) Low price can be for a partial job or only an encapsulate application. Rarely does the consumer know what this means, and, when told, asks for a more complete cleaning and/or other services which result in a much more expensive job.

(3) Low price means the air duct cleaner has cheap equipment or untrained personnel, which will not effectively clean your air ducts.

MISTAKE # 3: Choosing an air duct cleaner based on a single telephone call. Instead, invite the person to your home and ask for a specific written quotation. Then you’ll know exactly what the air duct cleaner recommends–and you won’t be the victim of high pressure tactics when the technician steps into your living room.

MISTAKE # 4: Choosing an air duct cleaner who doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. In my view, every air duct cleaning company should be fully accountable for its work. And if you aren’t pleased with the job in every way, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Period. Ask the air duct cleaner if he offers a money-back guarantee and then make sure the air duct cleaner includes his guarantee on his written quotation.

MISTAKE # 5: Choosing an air duct cleaner without getting comments from his other clients.  Any air duct cleaner can say anything about his past jobs. And, sadly, some of what he says may not be true. Make sure you ask for references or read comments from current customers so you can depend on the air duct cleaner and his work.


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